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Management of active cerebral palsy physiotherapy

Radoslava Miteva-Georgieva


Cerebral palsy is not a disease; it is actually a term of physical disability. The impairment caused by cerebral palsy may be manageable. The role of the physiotherapist in such a case is to manage every movement to build a proper motor stereotypein term that physiotherapist is the movement manager. There are facts show that there are individuals with cerebral palsy who can perform active and purposeful movements. The most effective in cerebral palsy rehabilitation are analytical active exercises. The management of motion in cerebral palsy requires analytical thinking. In order to produce a correct motor stereotype, each movement is required to be divided into elements that are to be worked and repeated many times, and in order to make use of a movement, it must be realized and functional. The function should be part of an activity. The activity must be performed every day, then the ultimate goal of physiotherapy will be achieved. It is also necessary to build on each session if progression is sought. Rehabilitation resources are changing, and they require `physiotherapeutic management` to lead to independence.


management; physiotherapy; cerebral palsy; neurology; pediatrics

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