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Unconventional methods of treatment as a part of the holistic approach in the management of the chronic invalidating disease

Paraskeva Mancheva, Yani Shivachev


The growing number of chronically polymorbid ill patients is definitely connected with the progress of conventional medicine and the increase in life expectancy. This poses a lot of challenges in front of traditional methods of treatment, which undoubtedly take part in the acute and decompensated phases of the disease. The long life with a chronically polymorbid state leads to disability and low quality of life. The patients are forced to face and search other ways which can contribute to their return to active and independent life. With the help of unconventional therapy, they find a wide range of methods for complete influence upon the three components of health yet with insignificant and short-lasting side effects. The expectations of citizens and society in the next years are going to direct inevitably towards unconventional methods of treatment as an opportunity to improve holistic health. The Bulgarian legislation obliges some of the unconventional methods of holistic therapy to be practised only by doctors who have passed training and acquired qualification for their use. The research shows that it is necessary to revise the regulation urgently regarding its adaptation to the latest changes in the Law of Health in order to face the needs of chronically ill patients.


holistic approach; chronic disease; disability; East medicine

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