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Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. The Cultural Heritage of Varna and the Black Sea Region

Asparuhov's bridge in the past and present

Rafael Rafaelyan


The first bridge is from 18th century. It was made from stone. It was demolished in 1907 and in 1909 was mounted a pontone bridge connecting the two sides of the channel. In 1937 started construction of modern bridge with parts made from MAN, Nurnberg, Germany, but it is destroyed after an accident. The construction of
the modern Asparuhov`s bridge began in 1973 and is opened on the 8th of September 1976. The length is 2 km with two motor ways with total width of 21 m and height 50 m. It is the biggest bridge in the Balkan Peninsular.


Asparuhov`s bridge

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