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Izvestia Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. Economic Sciences Series

Vol 11, No 3 (2022)

Cover and Contents PDF


Barriers to electricity prosumption of households in Bulgaria PDF
Svetlana Gercheva 3-13
Financial performance of Bulgaria's agricultural sector – national and regional dimensions PDF
Damyan Kirechev 14-32
Equity in the focus of the public pension system PDF
Hristina Blagoycheva 33-43
The blue economy of the western Black Sea PDF
Aleksandar Shivarov 44-52
Sustainability of cardboard packages PDF
Velichka Marinova 53-63
Factors impacting the decision to purchase parts and components, rather than manufacture them in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic PDF
Plamena Milusheva 64-68
Application of natural dyes in the textile industry PDF
Radoslav Radev 69-78
Change management to overcome crises by implementing management systems in organizations PDF
Emiliya Kirecheva 79-87
Role of consumer-trader alternative dispute resolution bodies PDF
Miglena Dushkova 88-97
Motives for choosing a ski destination according to the British ski experts opinion PDF
Maria Undzhieva 98-106
Social networks: opportunities for sustainable agribusiness organizations development PDF
Galina Ivanova 107-115
Regulatory framework for the management of plant protection activities in the Republic of Bulgaria PDF
Daniel Stoilov 116-125
Efficiency of investments in purchase for agricultural land through financial instruments PDF
Damyan Kirechev 126-138
Apricot production in Bulgaria, opportunities for organic production and comparison with other main producing countries in the world PDF
Gergana Slavova, Pavleta Ivanova 139-147
Logistics chain model of bee tourism PDF
Kosyo Vladimirov 148-152
Attitudes of future professionals in tourism to change the image of destination Bulgaria PDF
Todor Dyankov 153-160
Construction of residential properties in Varna region - state and trends of development PDF
Bozhidar Chaparov 161-168
equalities in health care services utilization and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Bulgaria PDF
Maria Rohova 169-178
Regional specificities of agricultural knowledge and innovation systems (AKIS) in Europe PDF
Tanya Georgieva 179-188
Partnerships in time of COVID-19 PDF
Boncho Mitev 189-197
Working capital - essence and policies PDF
Tsvetomir Manolov 198-206

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