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Izvestia Journal of the Union of Scientists - Varna. Medicine and Ecology Series

Fires - primary risk and anthropogenic danger for Bulgaria

Nikolina Radeva, Iglika Marinova, Hristianna Romanova


A survey of data shows that the number of fires is increasing, both globally and in Bulgaria. Forest fires occupy a prominent place among them and have also been increasing since 2010. The consequences of fires, especially forest fires, have a complex negative impact on the environment and can lead to environmental catastrophes, economic, social and medical losses. This predetermines the need to build automated systems for the prevention of forest fires in the most risky places in the world, and in Bulgaria. It is necessary to increase the knowledge of fires and competences of all people through different forms of training - following fire safety regulations and rules is the responsibility of everyone, and their violation could endanger personal property and the lives of many people.


disasters, fire, forest fire, fire prevention

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