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Early childhood development—a determinant of health and quality of life in the modern society. study design and influencing factors

Ekaterina Valtcheva, Teodora Dimitrova, Nikolay Mihaylov, Desislava Ivanova Vankova


The research focus of thе study is on the importance of early childhood development (ECD) as a determinant of health and the quality of life in the modern society. The study design reflects the authors' expertise regarding the research stages that in their logical sequence will result in the development of a standardized instrument with practical application. The factors influencing the study’s design and duration are investigated and presented. The ultimate scientific goal is to create a united preventive environment for early childhood development by achieving integration and coordination of individuals and collective entities (parents–children–specialists) in the community.


early childhood development, quality of life, research design and influencing factors, united preventive environment, standardised instrument

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