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Aesthetic restoration with metal-ceramic bridge construction made of precious metal alloys (cases from practice)

Borislava Gushterova


In modern dentistry, the technologies for restoring the defects in the dentition are constantly changing, but in patients with allergies, precious metal alloys provide a solution for fabricating dentures. Metal ceramics is a type of prosthetic construction, which has been used in Bulgaria for more than several decades. Restorations meet all the requirements of prosthetic treatment. This is a complex structure fixed on a tooth or teeth, made of a precious metal alloy on which ceramic (porcelain fused to metal) is applied. Well made, it is strong, resistant to chewing load and aesthetically sound. In order to achieve individual and successful results, all factors, such as aesthetics, functionality, anatomy and structural dynamics, have to be taken into consideration. The purpose of this report is to present two cases from the dental technology practice in which the defects of the dental crowns and bridges are restored by means of metal-ceramic bridge constructions on precious metal alloys. To achieve this goal, a multidisciplinary team was formed, which resulted in the manufactured restorative structures having maximum strength, functional suitability and perfect aesthetics.


precious alloy, metal-ceramic construction, biocompatible alloys, aesthetics, functional restoration

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