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Principles of rehabilitation for patients with COVID-19 in the intensive care unit based on the 'Leuven Protocol'

Dafina Bacheva-Chausheva


Respiratory rehabilitation for patients with COVID-19 pneumonia in the intensive care unit is an extremely responsible and highly specialized process. Intensive treatment is not included in basic physical therapy training or curricula, and there is a notable absence of additional training opportunities in intensive care medicine for physiotherapists. According to research data, patients who undergo rehabilitation regain their independence more quickly, leading to a potential reduction in their stay in the intensive care unit. The rehabilitation program tailored for intensive care unit patients, known as the 'Leuven Protocol' (Belgium), is meticulously designed and user-friendly. This article aims to provide the necessary information about the therapeutic benefits of the experience gained by German specialists who implemented a COVID-19 rehabilitation program based on the 'Leuven Protocol' in the intensive care unit.


pulmonary rehabilitation, intensive care unit, Leuven Protocol, COVID-19

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