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20-23-Submental hydatid cyst in 16 year-old girl (Case report)

I. Donkov, St. Konsulov, M. Dibe, Sp. Konsulov, I. Yakov, F. Filipova


Hydatid cyst in the head and neck region is a very rare even where the echinococcus infestation is endemic. The diagnosis is quit challenging. We report the case of a 16-old-female patient presenting with a hydatid cyst in the submental region. The diagnosis of hydatid cyst is made mainly with the help of imagining methods and review of the patient’s history. The diagnostic use of fine-needle aspiration biopsy generally has not been advised because of the potential to precipitate acute anaphylaxis or to spread a daughter cyst. Treatment is surgical albendazole therapy is suggested especially when there is perioperative contamination risk.


Hydatid cyst; Submental cyst; Echinococcus

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