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International Bulletin of Otorhinolaryngology

A Case of Familial External Auditory Canal Atresia

K. Madzharova, A. Beshkova


Introduction: Congenital аural аtresia (CAA) can occur as an isolated congenital malformation or as part of a monogenic and chromosomal syndromes. CAA can be associated with several syndromes. An 18q deletion is frequently seen in CAA. The subject of the study are three individuals from one family (mother, son and daughter). Methods:After taking a detailed history, an examination of ENT organs, tone audiometry testing, auditory brain stem responses, brain CT, external auditory canal and middle ear were performed. Results: The conducted tone audiometry testing and auditory brain stem response found bilateral sound conduction hearing loss.

Conclusion: Bilateral atresia is treated surgically. Surgical treatment is difficult and not always successful, it is preferable to perform it at age 4-5.


Congenital aural atresia, bilateral sound-conductive hearing loss

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