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International Bulletin of Otorhinolaryngology

Vol 13, No 4 (2017)

Cover and content PDF
Journal Editorial Team 1-4


Carcinosarcoma of the palatine tonsil – diagnostic and therapeutic approach. Literature review. Clinical case PDF
Sp. Konsulov, A. Topalova, K. Dzhambazov, St. Konsulov, N. Traykova-Dzhambazova, S. Genova, S. Markov 5-9
Eustachian tube function in patients with chronic tubotympanic suppurative otitis media with Eustachian tube dysfunction after tympanoplasty PDF
O. Borysenko, I. Grynko 10-15
Rare case of multiple symmetric lipomatosis – Madelung's disease PDF
S. Konsulov, S. Markov, A. Topalova 16-19
Therapeutic approach of a giant frontal osteoma on a 12-year-old child 0 case report PDF
V. Budu, S. Lavinia-Georgiana, C. Ioniță, A. Panfiloiu, T. Decusearã, A. Guligã, A. Costache, I. Bulescu, M. Tuyaliu 20-23
Eagle syndrome – from symptom to diagnosis. Case report PDF
K. Dzhambazov, Sp. Konsulov, N. Traikova, A. Topalova, I. Popov, M. Milkov 24-28


Abstracts of the 12th congress of Otorhinolaryngology, 29.09-01.10.2017 PDF
Journal Editorial Team 29-49

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