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Lateralization of cardiovascular autonomic functions in hemispheric ischemic stroke

Darina Georgieva-Hristova


Violations of cardiovascular and other autonomous functions are common in cerebrovascular disease. Various cortical and subcortical anatomical regions of the brain are involved in autonomic regulation, as cortex insularis has the most important role crust. Stimulation of the right cortex insularis increases sympathetic cardio-vascular tone, whereas the parasympathetic activity increased more frequently in stimulation of the left cortex insularis. The evidence regarding the impact of lateralization of stroke for cardiovascular risk are contradictory. Most authors demonstrated that patients with stroke affecting the right cortex insularis are more likely to develop cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction leading to reduced heart rate variability, cerebrogenic arrhythmias and an increased incidence of cardiac mortality.


stroke; cardiac autonomic dysfunction; heart rate; cortex insularis; arrhythmia

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Darina Georgieva-Hristova
Medical University of Varna

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