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Colorectal carcinoma still a challenge for the surgeons in 2016

Nikola Kolev


Locally recurrent CRC is a disease presenting an exceptional challenge to the surgeon. At the time of the diagnosis local recurrences are often accompanied by complications and engage adjacent organs and anatomical structures. Local recurrences are often associated with systemic ones. Attempts to achieve surgical radicalism performing multivisceral resections in the surgical field of post-operative adhesions, adjuvant RT with neoangiogenesis and dissecting changed plans is often challenging. The presence of residual tumor formation, or transmural lymphatic metastases after primary resection regarding colorectal cancer are the most common cause of local recurrence. As a rule, local recurrences of colorectal cancer are locally advanced - with macroscopic evidence of involvement of adjacent anatomical structures and organs. Usually therapy in these patients is multimodal, requires good communication with the surgeon, the medical oncologist and the radiotherapists, as well as interdisciplinary surgical skills.

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Nikola Kolev
Department of General and Operative Surgery

Medical University of Varna

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