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Migraine and Cardiovascular Disorders

D. Minchev


From a clinical point of view, differentiation of numerous forms of migraine depends on the accompanying diseases with prevailing cardiovascular symptoms. However, many pathophysiological interactions between migraine and cardiovascular disturbances remain insufficiently clarified yet. The low relative share of myocardial infarction im migraine patients along with the higher one of angina pectoris results from the coronary spasm accompanying every migraine fit and from the increased arterial resistance. There is a familial predisposition between migraine and Raynaud's disease, systemic lupus erithematosus, and acute myocardial infarction as risk factor for the manifestation of migraine fits. Coronary ischemia plays an important role in these cases and requires the discussion of an adequate therapeutic and protective approach


Migraine; Cardiovascular Disorders; Coronary Ischemia; Hypertension; Migraine Treatment

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