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Clinical, Instrumental and Immunological Follow-Up of Patients with Brain Tumors

A. Kaprelyan, N. Deleva, N. Dimitrov, K. Metodiev


Dynamic assessment of 66 patients with different brain tumours was carried out. The clinical, immunological and instrumental (electrophysiological and neuroimaging) follow-up included three groups of cases with stable clinical course, tumour progression and recurrence. Our results confirm that the changes in the functional and immune status of the patients with cerebral neoplasms as well as the alterations in the cerebral function and structure reflect the tumour development and the corresponding therapeutic behaviour. Monitoring of patients status and tumour growth provides opportunity for better disease control and prognosis.


Brain Tumours; Brain Imaging; Electrophysiology; Clinical Performace Score

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A. Kaprelyan


A. Kaprelyan, Dept. of Neurology, Prof. Paraskev Stoyanov Medical University of. Varna, BG-9002 Varna, 55 Marin Drinov St., Bulgaria

N. Deleva


N. Dimitrov


K. Metodiev


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