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Study of the Readiness of the Population of Varna Region for Protection in Case of Disastrous Situations

H. Romanova


The great percentage of complications when assessing results from questionnaires administered to people in circumstances of disastrous situations such as earthquake, flood and breakdown is mainly due to the lack of knowledge and skills in self-helping and helping each other. To ascertain the readiness for protection in case of disasters, during the period between May 15 and December 30,2003, an inquiry among the population of the region Varna was carried out. The questionnaire was filled-up by 1000 individuals aged over 18 years. There was no essential difference in the answers of the people form Varna and the rest residential zones in the area. The majority of respondents had no self-confidence in responsibility and protection in case of disasters. The reason was the lack of knowledge. About 85% of them considered that their knowledge should be improved. A high percentage (80,6%) of the individuals would like to have own means for protection at home like cotton-gauze masks and chemicals for disinfection in case of epidemics or usage of a biological weapon.


Disastrous Situations; Self-Defence

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H. Romanova


H. Romanova, Dept. of Hygiene and Disaster Medicine, Prof. Paraskev Stwanov Medical University of Varna, BG-9002 Varna, 55 Marin Drinov St., Bulgaria


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