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International visibility of Rhinoplasty research

D. Yankov, Dimitar Tomov


Rhinoplasty represents a widely used surgical approach to correct nasal deformities and imperfections. A scientometric investigation of the world publication output and citations on these problems was carried out in Web of Science (WoS), MEDLINE, and EMBASE for a 26-year period - from January 1985 till December 2010. Any relevant publications which had been abstracted were retrieved and analyzed. In this narrow field, 4155 publications were abstracted in MEDLINE (WoK), 2286 - in EMBASE, and 1980 - in WoS. English-language publications amounted to 1922 in EMBASE and to 1895 in WoS. There were more than 7700 author's names with papers on rhinoplasty abstracted in MEDLINE (WoK) and more than 3500 ones - in WoS. The most productive authors, institutions and countries as well as the 'core' journals were identified. Bulgaria has become internationally visible with 3 papers abstracted in WoS, with two - in EMBASE, and with one - in MEDLINE (WoK). The intensity of collaboration between the researchers within the single scientific unit, between different scientific institutions in one and the same city, in different cities of one and the same country, and between collectives from different countries permanently increased. A broader incorporation of Bulgarian scientists into the international scientific communities should be recommended.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2011;43(2): 101-106

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About The Authors

D. Yankov
Naval Hospital of Varna

Division of Burns, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Department of Surgery

Dimitar Tomov
Medical University of Varna

The Library and Information Service

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