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Changes of some biophysical values in animals under moderate stress

K. Hristov


In recent years, in the medical world the number of studies related to certain biophysical characteristics of biologically active points (similar to acupuncture points) - BAP, antenna and electromagnetic radiation effect of the body is increasing. As a product of nature, organisms come into simpler or more complex relationship with the various forms of manifestation of natural energy and particularly the electromagnetic one. Aim of this study was to identify changes in the antenna effect, electromagnetic radiation and resistance and semiconductor effect in BAP of experimental animals under oxidative stress response to hypobaric hypoxia and hyperbaric hyperoxia, cold and heat shock, physical exertion and prolonged immobilization. The general impression from the results obtained from different models of stress conditions, is that changes in biophysical parameters studied, with few exceptions in parameters and in varying degrees of variability are one-way and statistically significant The increasing of antenna effect and electromagnetic radiation from one side and reducing resistance and of semiconductor effect in acupuncture point Yin-Tang considered for "basic energizer of the organism" at the other, in wide physical aspect are proof for an increase of communicative opportunities of animals under different stress opportunities. To build on the findings of experimental study it is necessary to extend the number of animals in the respective groups, and conduct further experiments with other stressful conditions.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2011;43(2): 97-100

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K. Hristov
Medical University of Varna

Department of Physiology and Pathphysiology

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