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Trends and influencing factors regarding the incidence of brain metastases in Varna and Dobritch region

Nikolay Peev, S. Dyankov, Svetoslav Kalevski, R. Nedelkov


According the data published for 2005 year by World Health Organization (WHO), Among 58 million dead outcomes worldwide, 7.6 million are due to malignant neoplastic diseases. By the prognosis of WHO, for 2015 year we should expect 9 million dead outcomes due to malignancies, for 2020 WHO predicts 10.3 million and for 2030 - 11.4 million. Investigations for Bulgaria, in accordance with the prognoses of WHO, show marked tendency toward significant increase of the incidence of the malignancies. In the present study we collected and eval u ated sta tis ti cal in for ma tion for the pa tients di ag nosed with ma lig nan cies in Varna and Dobritch region for a period 1983 - 2006. For the period 1993 - 2006 we collected and evaluated statistical information for the patients with brain metastases (BMs) and primary brain tumors, admitted in the Neurosurgical Clinic of ‘St. Anna` District Hospital of Varna. Based on the data analysis from the available publications concerning the problem BMs, also the data acquired in our investigation we conclude that, despite the tremendous advancement of the modern medicine, the number of the patients with malignant diseases, also patients in the final IV stage (TNM) constantly and steady increases. The majority of the patients in IV TNM stage suffer from neurologic complications that are primarily attributable to BMs.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2009; 41(2): 123-127.

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About The Authors

Nikolay Peev
Medical University of Varna

S. Dyankov
St. Anna Hospital of Varna

Svetoslav Kalevski
Medical University of Varna

Department of Neurosurgery

R. Nedelkov
St Anna Hospital of Varna

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