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The correlation between Syntax Score and the severity of carotid artery disease

M. Erdogan, R. Akdemir, K. Karacan, M. Vatan


Coronary and carotid artery disease are both known to be specific manifestations of atherosclerosis. The rela­tionship between carotid atherosclerotic disease and coronary artery disease (CAD) has been shown in previous reports. However, the association between complex CAD assessed by the Syntax Score (SxScore) and the severity of carotid arterystenosis (CAS) has not been fully investigated. The objective of this study was to analyze the cor­relation between the severity of CAS and CAD complexity evaluated by SxScore.

Materials and Methods: A total of 45 patients with simultaneously carotid and coronary angiography performed were included in our study. SxScore, a marker of CAD complexity, was determined by a special computer soft­ware. The patients were divided into two groups according to the classification of SxScore: low SxScore (n=33, Sx­Score<22) and intermediate-to-high SxScore (n=12, SxScore≥22). The severity of CAS was assessed by digital sub­traction angiography (DSA) of six distinct segments of the carotid artery included the left and right common, in­ternal and external carotid arteries. Spearman`s correlation coefficients were used to determine the correlations between the SxScore and the CAS score.

Results: The CAS severity score was significantly higher in patients from the intermediate-to-high SxScore group than in those from the low SxScore group (3/4/4.75 vs. 1/2/3, p=0.001). There was also a significant correlation be­tween the SxScore and the CAS severity score(r=0.47, p=0.001).

We revealed that there was a proportional increase in the severity of CAS to CAD complexity using SxScore. It may suggest that complex multivascular atherosclerotic disease is the systemic nature of atherosclerosis.

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M. Erdogan
Sakarya University

R. Akdemir
Sakarya University

K. Karacan
Sakarya University

M. Vatan
Sakarya University

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