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Health status of the Bulgarian population: social determinants, recent dynamics and policy implications

Albena Kerekovska, Nevyana Feschieva, Klara Dokova, Natalia Usheva


This paper sets out to review the situation with regard to health status of the Bulgarian population and its main determinants. Revealing their recent dynamics, the study also aims to predict the future trends. It tries to interrelate the diseases burden and its determinants with necessary policy responses. High lighting the main challenges it draws out policy implications. The methods involve analysis of the current demographic and health situation and assessment of its dynamics. Some trends are analyzed comparatively for the different gender and residence population groups. The study is based on an analysis of previously published reports and official statistics. It also draws upon a number of national and local health surveys. Targeted and sustained investment is necessary to reverse the negative trends of population health and its social determinants. Clearly formulated, evidence-based, comprehensive and consistent policy is needed for integrated control of risk factors and chronic diseases, emphasizing on prevention and health promotion. Tangible political commitment, multisectoral collaboration and public participation are required for developing, implementing and sustaining healthy public policies.

Scripta Scientifica Medica 2008; 40(2): 111-116.

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About The Authors

Albena Kerekovska
Medical University of Varna

Nevyana Feschieva
Medical University of Varna

Klara Dokova
Medical University of Varna

Natalia Usheva
Medical University of Varna

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