Scientific Online Resource System

Scripta Scientifica Medica

Vol 51, No 4 (2019)

Cover and Content PDF

Original Articles

Ectopic pregnancies after assisted reproductive technologies PDF
Marieta Iskilieva, Nadya Magunska, Emil Kovachev, Atanas Shterev 7-12
Detection of common bacterial causes of urethritis in symptomatic men at the STD laboratory of MU-Sofia by microscopy, culture and NAAT PDF
Vessela Raykova 13-18
Which rating system is better – qSOFA or SIRS? PDF
Pavlina Peneva, Silviya P Nikolova, Yana Bocheva 19-25

Case Reports

A combination of pathologies - facet joint synovial cyst, epidural lipomatosis and conjoined nerve root anomaly in the lumbar spine of a 45-year-old patient. A case report PDF
Elena Harizanova, Yavor Enchev, Bogomil Iliev 26-30
Relapsing polychondritis. A case report and brief introduction to the disease PDF
Filka Georgieva, Sonya Marina 31-33

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