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Extraoral and oral signs in two patients with Sturge-Weber syndrome - Case Report and Review of the Literature

Assya Zaharieva Krasteva


Introduction: Sturge-Weber syndrome is a rather uncommon congenital condition that occurs sporadically, characterized by the combination of ipsilateral angiomatous lesions of the face, oral soft tissues, and jaws with venous angioma of the leptomeninges over the cerebral cortex. However, the main clinical features of this syndrome are facial vascular cutaneous naevus, usually unilateral, which often follows the outline distribution of the trigeminal nerve.

Material and methods: We report two cases of 7-year-old and 11-year- old girls with diagnosis Sturge-Weber syndrome, emphasizing the oral and extraoral manifestation related to the syndrome. The patients were presented with a cutaneous vascular nevus on the face during early childhood as well as epileptic crisis episodes, with no ophthalmic alterations.

Conclusion:  Sturge-Weber syndrome commonly affects the oral cavity therefore, it is important for the dentists` knowledge in order to provide an adequate dental management without complications.


Sturge-Weber syndrome; oral cavity; dental treatment

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About The Author

Assya Zaharieva Krasteva
Medical university of Sofia

Department of oral and imaging diagnostics, Faculty of dental medicine

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