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Oral allergy syndrome - determination of specific IgE

Miglena Balcheva, Assya Krasteva, Angelina Kisselova, Georgi Nikolov


Introduction: Oral allergy syndrome (OAS) is a form of food allergy. It develops mostly in patients with pollinosis, but also could be a manifestation of the so-called latex-fruit syndrome. OAS is probably a result of immunological cross-reactions due to common allergens or their epitopes in pollens, latex and foods of plant origin. Our purpose was to determine the extent of sensibilization to pollens and plant-derived foods in cases of OAS through in vitro allergy tests.

Methods and materials: We studied 60 patients with OAS after food intake. The survey included allergic history, examination and skin prick tests (SPT) with pollen and food allergens. Specific IgE to pollens and foods were determined through Euroline and ImmunoCAP system in the cases of highly expressed SPTs.

Results: Specific IgE were determined in 17 patients (male and female). Both tests demonstrated similar results. Most of the patients showed hypersensitivity to more than two allergens as sensitized males prevailed. Positive results were of higher class in males also. We registered very big up to functional correlation in the hypersensitivity to birch, apple and hazelnut allergens.

Conclusion: OAS patients show concomitant hypersensitivity to many allergens as sIgE levels to pollens and fruits are the highest.


oral allergy syndrome; specific IgE; food allergy; pollen-food syndrome

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About The Authors

Miglena Balcheva
Medical university of Varna

Faculty of Dental Medicine

Assya Krasteva
Medical university of Sofia

Faculty of Dental Medicine

Angelina Kisselova
Medical university of Sofia

Faculty of Dental Medicine

Georgi Nikolov
National center of infectious and parasitic diseases of Sofia

Associate professor

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