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Bone histomorphometry as a diagnostic tool. A review article

Ralitsa Yotsova, Stefan Peev, Nikoleta Ivanova



Various diagnostic modalities are used in the study of bone structure and metabolism. These include radiological examinations, laboratory and biochemical testing, histological and histomorphometric assessments, immunohistochemistry, and some non-invasive techniques. Bone histomorphometry is regarded as the gold standard in the diagnostics of bone-related conditions. It is a reliable method for detailed quantitative assessment of bone microarchitecture and physiology. It allows observation of cell types and their activity and provides essential information on bone healing, modeling, and remodeling.    


The present review aims to summarize the applications and limitations of bone histomorphometry and define its role in the diagnostics, monitoring, and treatment of various bone-related conditions.


An electronic search using Google Scholar, PubMed, Scopus, and ScienceDirect was conducted up to July 2022. The article is based on the existing scientific database and includes 198 studies. It summarizes the current knowledge on bone histomorphometry, highlights its advantages and limitations, and gives some recommendations for further research.

Bone histomorphometry is a key diagnostic tool in the field of bone research. It is used for the detection and monitoring of metabolic bone diseases, for establishing the safety of the pharmaceutical agents that affect bone metabolism, and for the effects of different biomaterials, used for guided bone regeneration and implant treatment.


Bone histomorphometry is applied in various scientific fields. Although some innovative non-invasive techniques have been suggested, the method remains a significant component in the study of bone structure and physiology.


bone histomorphometry, histologic sections, bone diseases

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