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Cooperation Between Specialists for Prevention of Early Childhood Caries

Maria Dzhinova, Vasil Yordanov, Siyana Gradanska, Milena Georgieva, Radosveta Andreeva


Introduction: Early childhood caries (ECC) is the presence of more than one decayed (non-cavitated or cavitated lesions), missing due to decay or filled tooth surface in any primary tooth in a child 71 months old or younger. This indicates a particularly virulent form of caries, which starts soon after teeth erupt and proceeds rapidly.

Materials and Methods: The research has been made by comparing different textbook sources in pediatric dentistry and scientific databases. ECC is a result of an interaction between all the factors involved in the development of typical lesion. When feeding via a nursing bottle while the infant sleeps, the liquids pool around the teeth surfaces and this causes severe destruction. A necessary factor for developing a lesion is the colonization of Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus spp. Salivatory flow is decreased during sleep so the clearance of the liquid and carbohydrates from the oral cavity is very slow. The anatomy of teeth can be a cariogenic factor for certain teeth.

Results: From the earliest gynecological examinations during pregnancy the mother should be informed about all the nutrients she should take for normally developed permanent and deciduous dentitions. After the baby is born, all the examinations are done by a pediatrician. If there are some visual problems such as brown and white lesions or teeth destruction the child must be referred to a pediatric dentist. Parents should follow strictly all the recommendations from the specialists. The first visit to the dentist is very important because the dentist must explain how to maintain a good oral hygiene to the parents.

Conclusion: ECC is a disease not only of the teeth but it also affects the overall health of children. As the treatment of ECC is difficult and expensive, all participating specialists should make an effort in preventing the disease and its early detection.


early childhood caries



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