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IUD Insertion Immediately after Delivery

Darja Schlothauer, Anastasiia Subbotina, Stefan I.


Introduction: Free access to contraception should be an essential right in a woman`s life. Recent research revealed that almost 50% of the pregnancies in the United States were not planned with half of these women reporting using some type of contraception before conception. Intrauterine devices (IUD) are the most effective contraceptive method preferred by the majority of multiparous women postpartum. In the developing world, the option of immediate IUD insertion has several benefits that outweigh the slightly increased risk of infection. The goal of this literature review is to outline the benefits and the efficacy of the immediate postpartum IUD insertion.

Materials and Methods: Several scientific databases such as AccessMedicine and PubMed, have been searched by limiting the search to English and German language. The following keywords have been used: IUD, postpartum, insertion, after, delivery and immediately. Three books in the Obstetrics/Gynecology collection and several articles overall have been found and screened.The goal of this research is to outline the benefits and the efficacy of immediate postpartum IUD insertion.

Results: Immediate IUD insertion reduces the risk of a future unplanned pregnancy. It is a safe, low-cost, highly efficient and prolonged contraceptive method. Women, especially in developing countries, who have just given birth often face difficulties, such as taking care of the newborn, lack of family support system and low economic and social environments. These circumstances lead to a decreased number of women returning to the clinic for their postpartum visit. Thus, the early postpartum IUD insertion is a cost- and time-effective method.

Conclusion: Even though the rate of expulsion in the immediate postpartum IUD insertion is higher than placing the IUD at a later phase, the benefits may outweigh the disadvantages in cases of women living in developing countries with limited access to postpartum healthcare. Also, in developed countries this method would decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies.


IUD, postpartum, insertion, after, delivery, immediately



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