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Successful Root Canal Treatment Management of Taurodont Teeth

Trayan Marinov, Aleksandrina Varbanova, Marina Yordanova, Klementina Moneva, Maya Doychinova


Introduction: The aim of this scientific literature review is to compare the management of different root canal treatments of taurodont teeth and to highlight the most appropriate techniques. 

Materials and Methods: All the data were gathered using several search engines and the target articles were case reports and literature reviews.

Results: The results show that the main difficulties regarding root canal treatment of taurodont teeth were related with the abnormal morphology and anatomy of the root canal system and that requires modern shaping, irrigating and filling techniques and the use of magnifying equipment. Our analysis reveals the most suitable shaping technique for root canal treatment of such teeth is RECIPROC® systems. Due to the abnormal root canal system the irrigation protocol must include passive ultrasonic irrigation of the solutions. The filling must be modified warm lateral condensation in the apical part of the canal and warm vertical compaction in the coronal part of the canal and in the elongated pulp chamber. 

Conclusion: As a conclusion, root canal treatment of taurodont teeth is a challenge regardless of the diagnosis of the tooth or the type of taurodontism. The clinicians should be using all the benefits of modern endodontics. Mesotaurodont and hypertaurodont teeth are associated with X-linked inherited syndromes and when diagnosing such teeth, genetic consultation and analysis is recommended. More studies should be focused on the issues of prevalence of this condition in our country and more advanced protocol for root canal treatment of each type of taurodont teeth is needed.


taurodont, taurodontism, root canal treatment, endodontics



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