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Coconut - Therapeutic Applications in Dental Medicine

Aleksandrina Varbanova, Trayan Marinov, Marina Yordanova, Klementina Moneva, Maya Doychinova


Introduction: The aim of this scientific literature review is to analyze the data on the current use of coconut oil in dental medicine and to evaluate the need of further studies.

Materials and Methods: Related articles were gathered and reviewed using several search engines. Target articles were clinical trials, randomized studies, case reports and reviews. The data were objectively analyzed and a systematic review was made.

Results: The application of products from coconut - coconut oil and water are not significantly represented in dentistry. Our analysis showed that the main reasons for the use of coconut are because of its antifungal and antibacterial qualities and he is mainly compared to the gold standard in dentistry - chlorhexidine. It is an easily usable, safe and cost-effective agent with minimal side effects. It has significant reduction in values of S. mutans count, Lactobacillus count, plaque scores, and gingival scores comparable to chlorhexidine.

Conclusion: In conclusion, more studies should be focused on the Cocos nucifera, in order to evaluate its potential use in dental medicine. Given the positive effects of this oil in the oral cavity, our opinion is that its active ingredients should be incorporated in oral hygiene means. Coconut oil could be an alternative of chlorhexidine in the formula of products for oral hygiene, because it has known benefits such as: antiseptic properties, safe for oral tissues, affordable. Moreover, no side effects have been reported yet. We also recommend researching its potential use in the corrective and supportive phase of periodontal therapy. There are no studies regarding the immunomodulating effect of coconut oil. The application of coconut oil in herpes treatment is debatable and more studies should be carried out.


coconut oil, coconut water, Cocos nucifera, essential oil, dental medicine



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