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Association between polycystic ovary syndrome and periodontal disease: a literature review

Diana Peppard, Presiyana Ivanova, Georgi Hristev, Mariya Miteva


Introduction: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common endocrine disorders of premenopausal women. Periodontitis is a chronic infection characterized by an inflammatory re­sponse against pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity that results in alveolar bone resorption. Pre­vious studies showed that both periodontal diseases and PCOS are associated with different compo­nents of the metabolic syndrome and hormone dysfunction. The aim of this paper is to review litera­ture by analysing the published manuscripts focusing on the periodontal aspects of PCOS and the im­portance of periodontal prevention in patients with PCOS.

Materials and methods: The information for this scientific overview was gathered using PubMed and the Russian search platform Bulletin of Problems in Biology and Medicine using different combi­nations of the keywords: polycystic ovary syndrome, periodontal disease, PCOS, periodontitis, par­odontit, polikistoz yaichnikov, parodontoz.

Results: This literature review analysed and revealed the possible links between PCOS and periodon­tal disease. The levels of inflammatory cytokines and periodontal parameters such as Clinical At­tachment Level (CAL), bleeding on Probing (BoP), Periodontal Screening Index (PSI), and Plaque In­dex (PI) in patients with PCOS were higher compared to healthy females. Furthermore, the effects of PCOS on the oral microflora, the dentition, the gingival inflammation and the gingival receptors for female sex hormones suggested a positive correlation between PCOS and periodontal disease.

Conclusion: This literature review suggests that the possibility of developing a periodontal disease seems to be higher in females with PCOS. Health care providers should be aware of the periodontal aspects of PCOS and refer patients with PCOS to the dentist.


periodontal disease; periodontitis; PCOS; polycystic ovary syndrome



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