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Benefits of botox in bruxism

Emilia Speles, Filka Georgieva, Malwin Werner, Nikoo Rahimy


Introduction: Botox is a neurotoxin yield by Clostridium Botulinum which completely prevents or partly decreases muscular contractility with multiple fields of usage, both cosmetic and medical. Bruxism is an idiopathic condition referred to as teeth grinding. Theories suggest Botox as a therapy against bruxism. It is unclear to what degree is this treatment effective according to patients them­selves.

Materials and methods: Articles published in Pubmed online have been read and compared. Two sep­arate articles got noticed in particular by using the following keywords: Botox, bruxism. An Italian article published in 2008 contained in total n=20, and n=24 were contained in an Indian study pub­lished in 2017.

Result: In these researches participants with bruxism attended and got randomly distributed into groups with different ways of treatment. The group members with expected improvement got in­jected with Onabotulinum toxin type-A (BTX-A). The placebo group on the other hand got an injec­tion solely with saline solution. Testing of occlusal exertion and personal evaluations to assess the pain while chewing as well as at facio-muscular rest were made regularly over a period of six months. While persistent pain continued in the participants without Botox injection, the ones injected no­ticed clear improvements since BTX-A was applied, a result that can be linked with the decrease of maximal occlusal force which also was observed within the group treated with Botox. Both articles came to the same conclusion about the effect of BTX-A.

Conclusion: Bruxism can be controlled with local intramuscular injections of Onabotulinum toxin type-A 2-4 times per year, which is treating the cause of the condition compared to conservative, less invasive treatments such as nocturnal splints which just prevent complications of grinding teeth. Bo­tox will work as an effective solution both in a medical and dental aspects. BTX-A reduces the main issue in bruxism including the intense occlusion and muscular tension.


botox; bruxism; pain; occlusion; treatment



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