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Anterior crossbite correction in early mixed dentition with removable appliances

Melin Rushid, Meral Halilova, Dayana Tsekova, Nikolay Marinov, Zornitsa Vulcheva


Introduction: Anterior crossbite is a major aesthetic and functional concern to parents during the developmental stage of a child. Anterior crossbite is the lingual positioning of the maxillary anteri­or teeth in relationship to the mandibular anterior teeth. There are several methods for solving this problem. In this case report we present the treatment with a removable lingual plane. The aim of the following case report is to present the achieved good results after the early treatment of an anterior crossbite.

Materials and Methods: This report describes the treatment of an 8-year-old girl in the Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dental medicine, Medical University - Varna. Diagnostic data was gathered from clinical photographs, cast models from intraoral impressions, cephalometric analysis based on lateral cephalograms and panoramic radiographs.

Results: We established a crossbite of tooth 21 and laterodeviation. According to lateral cephalomet­ric analysis the patient has a retroclination of the upper central incisor on the left. There was suffi­cient mesiodistal width to achieve labial movement of the maxillary tooth. To align the maxillary an­terior central incisor and correct the crossbite, a removable acrylic appliance with posterior occlusal surfaces was used. A screw incorporated in the appliance was activated by 0.25 mm every 4 days for 12 days. After these 12 days the crossbite was corrected.

Conclusion: There are many treatment options available for the correction of crossbites according to the number and site of the teeth/tooth involved, the stage of the dentition and its etiology. Based on the results presented here, a removable appliance with a screw may be considered the first choice of treatment to correct anterior dental crossbite of one incisor. This method is a safe, cost effective, rap­id and easy alternative for the treatment of an anterior crossbite.


crossbite; orthodontics; lingual plane; laterodeviation; dentistry



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