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Innovative explantation technique using laser compared to conventional explantation system with trephine bur

Stefan Schreiber, Norbert Gutknecht


Introduction: Lasers have proven to be successful in many treatment methods. The aim of this study is to evaluate the temperature changes in a human mandible during explantation of insufficient den­tal implants with a laser versus with a Trephine bur.

Materials and Methods: The conventional trephine bur method and a new method with the Er,CR:YSGG-Laser, were compared. The research was performed on 5 mandibles from human cadav­ers, prepared to place 10 dental implants. After placing the implants, 4 small canals were drilled with a distance of 3mm next to the implant, to place the thermocouples for temperature measurement. An additional thermocouple was placed in the water bath to control the water temperature, at a constant temperature of 37°C. The measurements were recorded with the OM-USB-TC 8 Channel thermocou­ple Module. All Implants were removed while the jaws where fixed inside the water bath. On each Jaw one implant was removed by using the laser with a setting of 8W, 20Hz, 80% Water, 40% air/water and MZ8 tip. The opposing implant was removed with the Trephine bur.

Result: All measurements done during the implant removal with laser and trephine bur showed a significant decrease of temperature in the jaw bone. The temperature decrease was found in a range from 37°C to 26°C. No significant difference was found between the Laser group and the trephine bur group.

Conclusion: It was clearly demonstrated, that the removal of invalid implants from the human jaw bone with an Er,CR:YSGG Laser was not only possible, but also safe for the surrounding tissue. The temperatures recorded during the removal of the implants, sowed no significant difference in both groups. It was even demonstrated, that the temperature significantly decreased during the removal of the implants to 26°C which is significantly lower then the body temperature of 37°C.


laser; implantology; trephine bur; explantation; Er,CR:YSGG laser



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