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Dilaceration of permanent teeth due to trauma of primary precursors

Eva Nacheva, Ivelina Hristova, Desislava Dokova, Melanija Kocheva, Sirma Angelova


Introduction: Trauma is one of the most prevalent dental pathologies in paediatric dentistry. Most often it affects the anterior teeth. One of the possible consequences is dilaceration. It is a reaction of the tooth to the traumatic event and comprises only 3% of all the injuries.

Materials and methods: The research is based on a variety of scientific resources in the field of child dental care. Foreign journals, publications and coursebooks were reviewed. Keywords such as trau­ma, primary, permanent, teeth and dilaceration were used in the search. The aim is to gather infor­mation relevant to traumatic occurrences in childhood and their consequences on the permanent dentition.

Results: There are a number of possible outcomes for the impacted permanent tooth germ. The crown could develop at an acute angle to the root or the existing part of the tooth could bend. Moreover, there is a chance for the appearance of an additional cusp, crown or denticle or even germination of the part of the root formed after the trauma. The clinical features of a dilacerated tooth may be symp­tomatic or asymptomatic. The symptoms can include non-eruption of the tooth, prolonged retention of the primary predecessor, apical fenestration of the buccal or labial cortical plate. Diagnostic meth­ods of the condition include visual observation in the mouth and radiographic examination. The lat­ter is obligatory to diagnose dilacerations of the root. A healthcare team may collaborate in dental treatment - paediatric dentist, endodontists, prosthodontists and orthodontists.

Conclusion: Although permanent teeth dilaceration is a relatively uncommon phenomenon, traumas in early childhood occur often. Dentists have to be mindful of all possible outcomes for not only the primary teeth, but also for their successors.


dilacerations; dental; trauma; primary teeth; permanent teeth



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