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Annual for Hospital Pharmacy

Annual for Hospital Pharmacy

A scientific publication of the Professional Organization of Hospital Pharmacists in Bulgaria (POHPB). It presents the problems and specificity of the hospital pharmacist's work to the pharmaceutical community. The journal publishes historical, theoretical and practical materials related to the hospital pharmacy in Bulgaria, Europe, and the world. In addition to this, in each issue, the editorial board introduces the numerous readers to the achievements of foreign specialists through the published translated articles from the European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy. One issue is published each year.

Current Issue

Vol 9, No 1 (2023)

Cover and Contents

Cover and Content PDF

Original Article

Legal regulation of health information in some countries of the European Union PDF
Svilen Issaev, Evgeni Grigorov, Borislav Borisov 5-17
Exploring Drug Repositioning: A Comprehensive Review Of Clinical, Regulatory, And Marketing Strategies PDF
Antonio Ivanov, Ines Hababa, Violeta Getova-Kolarova, Ilko Getov 18-24
Advancements in Malaria Pharmacotherapy in the Modern Period and the 21st Century PDF
Alexander Zlatanov, Antoniya Yanakieva 25-33
The puzzle of clinical coding. Overview and options PDF
Petko Salchev, Anita Neeva 34-40

Review Article

Establishment and development of the first hospital pharmacy in the city of Burgas PDF
Zlatka Dimitrova, Hristo Burgazliev, Evgeni Grigorov 41-48
Role of the hospital pharmacist in preventing drug interactions in clinical practice PDF
Maya Radeva-Ilieva 49-56
RNA therapies and medicines – general overview and pharmacological challenges PDF
Ivanka Mutafova, Teodora Handjieva-Darlenska, Kaloyan Georgiev, Velko Minchev, Valentina Belcheva 57-70
Application of PD-1, PD-L1, and CTLA-4 inhibitors in the treatment of solid tumors: a basic approach in the immunotherapy of oncology diseases PDF
Krum Kafedjiiski, Rostislav Kurdov, Valentina Belcheva 71-78
A review of cancer immunotherapy: immune checkpoint inhibitors PDF
Maya Radeva-Ilieva 79-87
Genetic polymorphisms predisposing to common cardiovascular diseases PDF
Olga Antonova, Sofia Todorova 88-97