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Biomedical Reviews

Vol 9 (1998)


The function of salivary proteins and the regulation of their secretion by salivary glands PDF
Gordon B. Proctor, Guy H. Carpenter 3-15
Novel genes and hormones in salivary glands: from the gene for the submandibular rat 1 protein (SMR1) precursor to receptor sites for SMR1 mature peptides PDF
Catherine Rougeot, Isabelle Rosinski-Chupin, François Rougeot 17-32
Cystatin S: Molecular biology and sympathetic innervation PDF
Phyllis Shaw, Orlando Chaparro 33-46
Neuroimmunoendocrinology of the cervical autonomic nervous system PDF
Daniel P. Cardinali, Ana I. Esquifino 47-59
Role for the sympathetic nervous system in the control of salivary secretion by environmental stimuli PDF
Salvador Bellavia, Raquel Gallar 61-68
The thermolytic salivation of the rat and the kallikrein-kinin system PDF
Jacques Damas 69-77
Immunoregulation by the salivary glands PDF
Edris Sabbadini, Istvan Berczi 79-91
Submandibular glands, nerve growth factor and neuroinflammatory responses in rodents PDF
Luigi Aloe, Marco Fiore 93-99
Submandibular gland peptides and the modulation of anaphylactic and endotoxic reactions PDF
Ronald Mathison 101-106
Salivary gland structure and function in experimental diabetes mellitus PDF
Leigh C. Anderson 107-119
Ionizing irradiation and the salivary gland sequelae PDF
R. M. Nagler 121-129
The immunology of Sjögren's syndrome: emphasis on the role of salivary gland autoantigen PDF
Yoshio Hayashi 131-141

Dance Round

A suggestive neurotrophic potential of mast cells in heart and submandibular glands of the rat PDF
Anton B. Tonchev, Kamen P. Valchanov, Olawale A. R. Sulaiman, Peter I. Ghenev, George N. Chaldakov 143-145

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