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Vol 30 (2019) 2020: murburn concept heralds a new era in cellular bioenergetics Abstract   PDF
Daniel Andrew Gideon, Vivian David Jacob, Kelath Murali Manoj
Vol 29 (2018) 5th international symposium on adipobiology and adipopharmacology Details   PDF
George Chaldakov
Vol 12 (2001) A critical comparison between the two current methods of viewing frozen, live cells in the electron microscope: cryo-electron microscopic tomography versus "deep-etch" electron microscopy Abstract   PDF
John Heuser
Vol 22 (2011) A linkage of mind and brain: Sir John Eccles and modern dualistic interactionism Abstract   PDF
Danko Georgiev
Vol 22 (2011) A linkage of mind and brain: towards translational validity between neurobiology and psychiatry Abstract   PDF
Drozdstoj Stoyanov
Vol 6 (1996) A novel virus removal filter and its application Abstract   PDF
Sei-Ichi Manabe, Naoki Yamamoto
Vol 1 (1992) A paradigm for restenosis after angioplasty: clues for the development of new preventive therapies Abstract   PDF
James S. Forrester, Michael C. Fishbein, Richard H. Helfant, James A. Fagin
Vol 31 (2020) A sample copy of the textbook Principles of Cell and Tissue Biology Details   PDF
George N. Chaldakov
Vol 9 (1998) A suggestive neurotrophic potential of mast cells in heart and submandibular glands of the rat Abstract   PDF
Anton B. Tonchev, Kamen P. Valchanov, Olawale A. R. Sulaiman, Peter I. Ghenev, George N. Chaldakov
Vol 22 (2011) ABO genetic system, sexually transmitted infections and androgen-associated dermatoses Abstract   PDF
Simeon G. Radev, Ilko Bakardzhiev, Diliana Panova, Vladimir Michev
Vol 30 (2019) Acute stimulation of vagus nerve modulates brain neurotrophins, and stimulates neuronal plasticity in the hippocampus of adult male rats Abstract   PDF
Pamela Rosso, Marco Fiore, Elena Fico, Angela Iannitelli, Paola Tirassa
Vol 16 (2005) Adipobiology of inflammation Abstract   PDF
George N. Chaldakov, Anton B. Tonchev, Zhaneta Georgieva, Peter I. Ghenev, Ivan S. Stankulov
Vol 21 (2010) Adipobiology of stem cell-based therapy: secretome insight Abstract   PDF
Anton B. Tonchev, Jerzy Bełtowski, Marco Fiore, Gorana Rančić, Kanta Chechi, Vladmila Bojanić, Dimitar D. Kostov, George N. Chaldakov
Vol 17 (2006) Adipobiology: a scientometric view to its increasing significance Abstract   PDF
Dimiter T. Tomov
Vol 17 (2006) Adipobiology-based pharmacology Abstract   PDF
Adnan Erol
Vol 12 (2001) Adipoendocrinology and adipoparacrinology: emerging fields of study on the adipose tissue Abstract   PDF
George N. Chaldakov, Ivan S. Stankulov, Marco Fiore, Mariyana G. Hristova, Gorana Rančić, Peter I. Ghenev, Pavel S. Pavlov
Vol 17 (2006) Adipokine expression and secretion: a target for pharmacologic treatment Abstract   PDF
Paska A. Permana
Vol 17 (2006) Adiponectin as a key player in inflammation Abstract   PDF
Kenneth K. Y. Cheng, Karen S. L. Lam, Yu Wang, Aimin Xu
Vol 17 (2006) Adipopharmacology of inflammation and insulin resistance Abstract   PDF
Victoria Catalán, Amaia Rodríguez, Sara Becerril, Neira Sáinz, Javier Gómez-Ambrosi, Gema Frühbeck
Vol 17 (2006) Adipose tissue and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases Abstract   PDF
Alison M. Coates
Vol 20 (2009) Adipose tussue and homocysteine metabolism Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Bełtowski, Danuta Tokarzewska
Vol 23 (2012) Adipotoxicology of obesity and related diseases Abstract   PDF
Stanislav Yanev, George N. Chaldakov
Vol 18 (2007) Age-related changes in the catecholaminergic neurons of the mesopontine tegmentum in the rat Abstract   PDF
Dimitar E. Itzev, Wladimir A. Ovtscharoff, Enrico Marani, Kamen G. Usunoff
Vol 33 (2022) Amphetamine induced activation of the opioid system: a focused review of animal and human studies Abstract   PDF
Iliyan Ivanov, Chang Wang, Abigail Cohen
Vol 19 (2008) Amygdala and subcortical vision: recognition of threat and fear Abstract   PDF
Kamen G. Usunoff, Oliver Schmitt, Nikolai E. Lazarov, Dimitar E. Itzev, Arndt Rolfs, Andreas Wree
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