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Biomedical Reviews

Vol 1 (1992)


The protein kinase C family for the regulation of cellular functions PDF
Yoshiki Iwamoto, Hiroshi Koide, Kouji Ogita, Yasutomi Nishizuka 1-6
The role of cell-matrix interactions in atherosclerosis PDF
Michael Thie, Horst Robenek 7-12
A paradigm for restenosis after angioplasty: clues for the development of new preventive therapies PDF
James S. Forrester, Michael C. Fishbein, Richard H. Helfant, James A. Fagin 13-24
An overview of experimental autogenous vein grafts PDF
John K. McGeachie, Marc Tennant 25-32
Studies and perspectives of plasminogen activators PDF
Michael Steiner, Christine Burstein, Olaf Anders, B. Ernst 33-38
Endothelium-derived biologically active substance: von Willebrand factor and endothelin PDF
Krikor Dikranian 39-45
The fungal etiology of gout and hyperuricemia: the antifungal mode of action of colchicine PDF
A. V. Costantini 47-52
Isolated chondrons: a concept comes of age! PDF
C. Anthony Poole 53-62

Dance Round

Natural selection and asymmetry: the points of intersection PDF
George B. Karev 63-68
Calpain: a new matrix proteinase? PDF
Katsuji Shimizu 69-72

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