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Digital health, telemedicine and COVID-19

Vladimir Gonchev


Introduction Artificial intelligence, digital health, telemedicine, portable sensors, virtual reality - these new technologies will completely change the way patients and doctors perceive healthcare. The coronavirus pandemic has caused an explosive increase in the need for digital services, including those related to health and medicine.

Objective: This review is to examine the interaction between telemedicine, digital health and the possibility of introducing new technologies to respond to and address the epidemic of COVID-19

Source of information: Searched in the databases of Google, Google Scholar, Medscape, Medline, Linkedin, Twitter by keywords: telemedicine, digital health, artificial intelligence, COVID-19

Conclusion: The new epidemic situation caused by COVID-19 is already further catalyzing the faster application of telemedicine, digital health in most medical specialties and activities. We reviewed and systematized the new trends in telemedicine caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.


telemedicine, digital health, artificial intelligence, COVID-19

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