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Aesthetic restoration of the front teeth (case of practice)

Izabela Oganesyan-Boeva


Ever since ancient times, the social nature of human existence had to look for ways and means of recovery, replacement and alignment of the frontal teeth, mainly for aesthetic reasons. Natural teeth have an anatomy and a certain position in accordance with principles, maintaining an excellent balance with the surrounding tissues. Emphasizing the beauty of the face is one of the basic requirements of patients who are looking for high quality dental services. The perfect smile is made up of natural-shaped teeth and colors, corresponding to face shape and natural skin pigments, eyes and hair. The teeth have different shapes and sizes, but in combination they create a sense of naturalness, harmony, beauty and health. To achieve successful results ,we must also consider all the factors - aesthetics, functionality, structural dynamics, biological and periodontal factors and last but not least our visual perception. The purpose of this article is to present two case studies, in which the treatment is with the help of dental technique laboratory and restoration materials. For this purpose, a team was formed to maximize aesthetic dental restoration.


restoration in the frontal area, metal-ceramic bridge construction, aesthetics, biocompatible materials

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