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“THE LONELY SOLDIER OF PREVENTION” (for the book “Enlightenment and Health” and its author)

Nevyana Feschieva


Presented are articles written in the 1920s and 1930s of the twentieth century, printed in periodic scientific and popular publications (newspapers and medical journals) by Dr. Dimitar Goshev, collected and published in a stand-alone book "Enlightenment and Health" in 2019. Doctor Goshev (1899-1982) studied medicine in Vienna, where he graduated in 1926 and dedicated his life to preventive medicine in the era of dramatic events for the Bulgarian healthcare system.


dr Dimitar Goshev, preventive medicine, epidemics control

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Любенова Т. За автора и неговите статии В: Просвещение и здраве, 2019, съст. Е. Гошева, 3-5.

Гошев Д. Просвещение и здраве, 2019, 13-15.



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