Scientific Online Resource System

Social Medicine

Vol 29, No 3 (2021)

Cover and Contents PDF

Health Promotion

Charters For „А New Public Health“ PDF
Klara Georgieva Dokova, Petya Boncheva 4-8

Healthcare and Pharmacy Organisation

Development of the organization of emergency medical care in Bulgaria - a challenge for the healthcare system PDF
Iliya Katrandzhiev, Boryana Naydenova 9-14

Public Health

Options for improving quality of life in patients undergoing radiotherapy PDF
Kalina Katrandzhieva, Katya Eguruze 15-19
Selected moments from the fight for malaria eradication in Bulgarian lands PDF
Aneta Kirova 20-25

History of medicine and healthcare

Doctors from the Chalakovi family - graduates of The Military Medical School in Constantinopole PDF
Marusya Petkova 26-29
For the Doctor and the Donor of the City of Elena - Dr Hristo Momchilov PDF
Marusya Petkova 30-32

New books

Water-related injuries. Projections for Bulgaria PDF
Dimitar Stavrev 33-34

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