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Scripta Scientifica Medica

Vol 40, No 1 (2008)

Cover & Contents PDF


From bioethics - to nooethics PDF
V. N. Zaporozhan 7-12
Application of audiovisuals in the course PDF
S. Aleksandrova, K. Statev 19-21
Disastrous situations and possible hygiene-epidemiological problems PDF
H. Romanova 23-26
Acute perforative diverticulitis of the colon as a rare cause for the development of abdominal compartment syndrome PDF
G. Deenichin, R. Dimov, V. Molov, Ch. Stefanov 55-57
Impact of cognitive impairment and neuropsychiatric symptoms in patients with Dementia on caregiver distress PDF
Ivan Dimitrov 71-73
Neuroepidemiology of Dementia. Contributions and problems PDF
Nadezhda Deleva, Ivan Dimitrov 79-80
Modulation of the relationship between some results of tests for physical ability in 4th grade pupils PDF
Valia Margaritova 89-90
Informational text structures by contents of the specialised text PDF
D. Milieva, N. Boyadzhiev, L. Lukanov, E. Milieva, M. Murdjeva, V. Sarafyan, S. Sivkov 95-97

Original Articles

CO-57: an electrophoretic investigation on the properties in the ultradiluted aqueous solutions PDF
Georgi Bontchev, G. A. Bojikov, M. V. Milanov 13-17
Plasma and erythrocyte levels of trace elements in healthy elderly PDF
V. Todorova, P. Tchankova, Valentina Madjova 27-30
Lethality from acute intoxications with organophosphate pesticides in Varna region for a period of 15 years PDF
Snezha Zlateva, M. Iovcheva 31-33
Sentinel lymph node mapping in patients with colorectal cancer PDF
Valentin Ignatov, Nikola Kolev, Krasimir Ivanov, Anton Tonev, D. Hristov, I. Minev, Temelko Temelkov, Rossen Madjov 47-54
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy - successful alternative in orthopedic treatment PDF
D. Raykov 63-66
Loss of contrast sensitivity in multiple sclerosis patients PDF
Nadezhda Deleva, Aleksandra Tzoukeva, Ivan Dimitrov, Ara Kaprelyan 75-77
Endogenous factors in pathogenesis and natural history of chronic Urticaria PDF
S. Racheva 81-83
Social adaptation of patients with chronic skin diseases PDF
P. Drumeva, S. Bachvarova, R. Bachvarova 85-87
A textbook of text linguistics for medical students PDF
D. Milieva 91-93

Case Reports

Phenoarbital monitoring in blood, urine and sweat and importance of sweat excretion intoxic coma paients PDF
Petko Marinov, Yu. Sabeva, D. Radoinova 35-37
Fine needle aspiration biopsy of thyroid nodules: Cytohistological Correlation PDF
Mira Siderova, Kiril Hristozov, Ivan Krasnaliev, Radoslav Radev, Rumen Nenkov 39-42
Extra large choanal polyps PDF
P. Nedev 43-45
Difficult to diagnose Intraabdominal tumor - Pseudomyxoma Peritonei PDF
Valentin Ignatov, Krasimir Ivanov, Nikola Kolev, D. Hristov, Anton Tonev, Temelko Temelkov 59-62
Radical perineal prostatectomy (a Case Report) PDF
Alexandar Hinev 67-69

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