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Vol 46 (2014): Suppl 1 Abstracts of the 20th annual meeting of the association “Heart – Lung” and 2nd „Varna – Augsburg” conference

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Abstracts of the 20th annual meeting of the association `Heart - Lung` and 2nd „Varna - Augsburg` conference 30-31 may 2014 PDF
P. Manoilov, Pl. Panayotov, K. Yankov, E. Dimitrova, D. Kalev, Y. Krasnaliev, S. Mokan, D. Panayotova, D. Todorov, F. Dziewior, M. Beyer, B. Chaushev, R. Georgiev, N. Penkov, T. Tzvetkov, Sv. Georgiev, F. Oertel, A. Kisheva, L. Mircheva, Y. Yotov, M. Negreva, E. V. Nemchenko, V. A. Karnahin, V. V. Bazylev, Y. Radulova, S. Chilikova, Y. Peychev, V. Boshnakov, P. Petrov, M. Slavov, B. Bogdanov, V. Kornovski, M. Grkovski, C. Gradinarov, K. Mavrodieva, J. Sitar, O. Hlinomaz, H. Quinz, N. Stoyanov, B. Karatancheva, E. Kostov, A. Postadjian, N. Rifai, B. Finkov, M. Rezek, Ts. Minchev, E. Manolov, V. Marinchev, A. Kelchev, V. Georgiev, I. Stoimenov, G. Kirova, R. Petkov, D. Markov, M. Tsenov, A. Daskalov, T. Dragneva, O. Yanchev, P. Dragomirov, V. Knyazhev, N. Donchev, M. Sapundjieva, K. Tiutiundjiev, P. Kostov, M. Staneva, Tz. Tzvetanov, B. Minkova, P. Antova, V. Chervenkoff, A. Angelov, D. Petkov, V. Petrov, N. Pаncheva 1-42
Tumors and cysts of the heart
Lung cancer - King of all cancers
Personalized medication therapy in patients with aN advanced lung adenocarcinoma
Primary malignant tumors of the heart - surgical treatment and experience of the Department of Cardiac Surgery `Sveta Marina` University Hospital Varna
Uncommon findings: Cardiac tumors - an overview
The Role of 18F-FDG PET/CT in Lung Cancer
Current standarts in therapy of infectious endocarditis
Ischemic mitral regurgitation
Degenerative mitral valve disease
Interventional treatment of mitral valve diseases - indications and methods
The MitroFix prosthesis - a new way of mitral valve repair
Mitral blood flow and insufficiency in patients with atrial fibrillation and restored sinus rhythm
Mitral stenosis and atrial fibrillation
Surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation in high-risk patients with mitral valve deasise
Adults with congenital heart diseases: our experience with diagnosis and surgical treatment
Indications for electrocardiostimulation in patients after cardiac surgery
Surgical remodelling of the left ventricle - theory and practice in the Department of Cardiac Surgery in `Sveta Marina` University Hospital, Varna, Bulgaria
OPCAB procedure in patient over 75 years-old- experience in the Department of Cardiac Surgery in `Sveta Marina` University Hospital, Varna, Bulgaria
Adjustable segmental annuloplasty in the correction of functional failure of the tricuspid valve on beating heart
Treatment of interventricular septum rupture as a complication of acute myocardial infarction
Spontaneus dissection of coronary arteries
New imaging methods of coronary arteries
Transcatheter aortic valve implantation - state of art and Augsburg experiences
Prevalence of comоrbidities in a cohort of patients with hemodynamically significant, pure aortic stenosis and sinus rhythm, admitted to cardiosurgery for a primary, isolated aortic valve replacement
Mitral stenosis and Percutaneus Balloon Mitral valvulopasty
Diagnostics and treatment of acute myocarditis
Surgical strategy for invasive pulmonary and mediastinal tumors require reconstruction of superior vena cava
A case of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm with primary aorto-caval fistula
PTA of the collateral vessels
Quality of life of patients with lower extremity peripheral arterial disease
Improved results after laser ablation treatment
Successful extraction of dyalisis catheter from brachiocephalic trunk
Indications for cardiac stimulations implantation - what new?
Drug-drug interactions and adverse drug reactions with classicand new anticoagulants
Sarcoidosis - expected diagnosis or a surprise?
Ebstein anomaly with blood cyst

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