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Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica

Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica

Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica is an official scientific journal of the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria. It is published in English with a double-blind peer-review process. The journal accepts articles in the field of pharmacology. Periodicity - 2 issues annually. Proceedings and abstracts from congresses, symposia and conferences organized by the Medical University of Varna are published as supplements to the journal.

Current Issue

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Detection techniques of circular RNAs as new biomarkers in systemic lupus erythematosus PDF
Galya Mihaylova, Mariya Kosturkova, Maria Radanova

Original Articles

Development of a rapid and reproducible TLC method for purity elucidation and related substance identification of metronidazole in metronidazole dosage forms PDF
Sylvia Atanasova-Stamova, Svetlana Georgieva, Maya Georgieva
Analysis of factors affecting adherence to therapy in patients with chronic diseases PDF
Antoaneta Tsvetkova, Silvia Mihaylova, Desislava Aleksandrova
Characteristics of acute intoxications with regard to capacity for effective doctor-patient communication and competent informed decisions PDF
Marieta Yovcheva-Stancheva, Snezha Zlateva, Ekaterina Borisova

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