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Palliative nurse care - education and training

Despina Prodanoiva Georgieva, Greta Velikova Koleva



Introduction:Palliative care are a method which improves the quality of life via control over the typical symptoms. Subject of palliative care, are patients with life-threatening diseases. The activities are subordinate to the basic principles which are directed  at solving physical, mental, spiritual and social problems, as well as, assessment and treatment of the pain. The active communication and dealings with the patients` relatives are also part of the nurse`s actions, who gives palliative care. The specificity of palliative care requires specialized preparation, aimed at acquiring knowledge of the sphere, as well as development of certain skills and competences. The lack of the clinical subject Palliative medical science is a great challenge and responsibility for the training team, to present this subject, and to give the skills needed for the students.

Aim: Presenting the organization of training of nurses in palliative care.

Material and methods: After finishing their training, the students gave a feedback via a poll. By the analysis of the results it is determined that the examined students have acquired sufficient amount of information. For the purpose of the practical training, an approbation of nursing documentation has been worked out during the exercises, wich were held in a department of palliative care at the Complex Cancer Center - Ruse(CCC). The students highly evaluate the documents provided for work, and they think that by introducing them in practice, the quality of care will rise significantly, the nursing care will get easier, and continuity  will be achieved.

An electronic nurse file for palliative care has been developed, wich file  allows registration and accounting of the activities performed.

Conclusions: From the survey of the students who have passed training in the discipline, a positive feedback is established. It appeared that they have received and absorbed a sufficient amount of information in palliative nursing care.


training; nurse; palliative health cares; assessment of the symptoms

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About The Authors

Despina Prodanoiva Georgieva
Ruse University "Angel Kanchev"

Department of Healthcare,Assоc. prof. PhD

Greta Velikova Koleva
Ruse University "Angel Kanchev"

Department of Healthcare аddress

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