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Gas discharge visualization - historical developments, research dynamics and innovative applications

Denitsa Grozdeva, Tsanka Dikova


Abstract: Gas discharge visualization (GDV) is a method for entire diagnosis, which is based on natural physical phenomena in human body. Since the invention of GVD, till present, there is an inscreased interest in its application in different areas of life. The most important use of GVD is in medicine. GVD has a possibility for  quantitative measurement of human physical and psychological  well-being.  It is used  in medicine, psychology and sport for  diagnosis, prevention and  monitoring.

The purpose of  this  article is to summarize the  dynamics of scientific  interest in GDV application in medicine, psychology and sport and to present current concepts and techiques in  the use of this device in alternative medicine.

Matherial and methods: research of the  publishing activity in  application of  GVD in medicine, psychology and sport during last 70 years.

Results:  We observed an increasement of the scientific intreset in GVD use in medicine, alternative medicine, psychology and sport with progression for each decade, from 1950 - till now. GVD is a focus of large number of  clinical studies in three dimentions of medicine - prevention, diagnosis and treatment, with culmination of publishing activity in all of the fields during last year.  

Conclusion: Although GVD is not well known in our country, the results of our survey are in prove of the uniqueness of GVD as a device for diagnosis, prevention and monitoring of illness. The opportunity  for application of this method in conventional medicine,  alternative medicine, pshychology and sport, is a beginning of  new perspectives for personalized healthcare.   


gas discharge visualization; medicine; alternative medicine; psychology; sport

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About The Authors

Denitsa Grozdeva
Medical University of Varna

Tsanka Dikova
Medical University of Varna

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