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Scripta Scientifica Salutis Publicae

Vol 7 (2021): Suppl. 1

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An Introduction to the Special Issue on Students Researching Lived Experience PDF
Nikolay Mihaylov, Klara Dokova 7

Original Articles

Impact of student migration from India to United Kingdom PDF
Aleena Siby, Anisha Nishanth, Anjali Maria Joseph, Christy Parakkattel, Merlin Rose Noshy, Rosemary Cherian 9-14
Experiences during the “stopover” between high school graduation and university medical studies PDF
Henrik Kastell, Noëmie Armerding, Svenja Schönberger 15-22
Overthinking and procrastination during a pandemic PDF
Ashna Asharaph, Koray Mustafov, Aastha Seth 23-34
Influence of the Covid-19 pandemic on learning progress and social behavior of children PDF
Lisa Christina Gagelmann 35-40

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