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Questionnaire survey about the awareness and the use of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy in dental practices in Varna

Maya Doychinova


Objective: The objective of the survey is to evaluate the level of awareness, clinical use and interest to antibacterial photodynamic therapy (APDT) among dentists practicing in Varna.

Materials and Methods: The analysis is performed based on the opinions of 120 dentistsq surveyed by direct individual questionnaire, on personal contact basis, for a period of 120 days. Statistical analysis is perfomed with SPSS.
Results: The share of dental practitioners aware about APDT is below 50% and the share of the ones using it into their dental practice varies from 8% to 2% , depending on clinical entity. More than half of the interviewed (63%) declare interest in implementing a method for caries prevention based on APDT.

Conclusion: The level of awareness concerning APDT is low, the application in dental clinical practice represents an exception rather than routine. There is interest  in including the method as part of the protocol for the prevention of caries in adults. Focused efforts should be done in order to promote the use of APDT in daily dental practices, such as lectures, workshops, informational materials and brochures.


анкета, антибактериална фотодинамична терапия, кариес, профилактика

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