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Questionnaire survey regarding the extent of caries prevention on adult patients in dental practices in Varna

Maya Doychinova


The objective of the survey is to determine the extent and the nature of caries prevention on adult patients among dentists practicing in Varna. The analysis is performed based on the opinions of 120 dentists, surveyed by direct individual questionnaire, on personal contact basis, for a period of 120 days. Statistical analysis is performed with SPSS. The share of dental practitioners who have never prepared an personal caries preventive program is 77,5%. The Clinical Oral hygiene is the only approach used by 58% when caries prevention is concerned. More than half experience difficulties with the management of white enamel lesions. (88%) There is a statistical relationship between the proportion of people who have difficulties with the management of caries incipience and the expected duration of clinical time for prevention. There is strong evidence of neglecting a basic component of caries prevention in adults - the preparation of personal prevention program. Caries prevention is performed by the method of clinical oral hygiene and chemical inhibition of biofilm. Innovative approaches and methods in caries prevention are not cited. The most preferred duration of preventive clinical procedure is 45 minutes.


профилактика; зъбен кариес; бели деминерализационни лезии

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